Style should reflect whatever your mind may be existing in a present moment in time”- writes Kristina, a Visual Marketing Manager by day and a Blogger/Social Media Influencer by night @dayinmydreams, a Fashion and life style blog which Kristina describe as “the journey of life. A day in my dreams”.
Kristina, as opposed to other bloggers, kept her day job and define her life as ‘CRAZY’!
“My life is crazy! I get ready in about 15 minutes in the morning and rush to my office where I work full time as a Creative Director for a women’s fashion footwear company. I typically wrap up around 6 pm, make the trip home, walk the dog, and start blogging until around 8 pm. We have a bit of family time, eat a good home-cooked dinner, have a couple of cocktails at home or with friends and start the whole routine over again! Most of my shoots are done over the weekends, but sometimes I squeeze one in over my lunch breaks during the weekdays”.
How did you start your blog and how long it took to start collaborating with brands?
“I’ve worked in fashion marketing for the past 5-6 years, so starting my own blog really stemmed from working with so many bloggers on the branded side of the business,
The first collaboration was offered just 3 months after starting the blog. I was naturally thrilled! Since then it’s really hit a boom right at the beginning of the second year”.
Having a look at kristina’s Instagram, you notice how often she collab with brands- All Saints, Aldo, farfetch to name few, and the list is growing.
The feed main colors are Black, grey, white, blush and beige- “are they any other colors?” She ask on the blog. Playing with this palette made her editorials dreamy, minimalists and chic. Oh so chic!
Do you deal with pressure that comes with being an Influencer and what is the most negative comment you had?
“No pressure here! Blogging is meant to be fun, and if I stop enjoying it, I’ll cut it off. It can be intense though, following a tight schedule with little time. The worst comment I ever received was regarding body-shaming for being too skinny. I look forward to a world where people accept each other as they are, and focus on all of the many positive blessings in life rather than negative criticism.”
As Kristina said, her blog growth was fast but she warns to stay away from the get-rich-quick, “It’s important to let your blog grow naturally. Get-rich-quick schemes are always a scam, and the same comes with your blog growth. Spend time creating quality content and engaging with your community, honesty wins!”
Quick Questions:
1.Favorite non-designer brand: David Lerner NY ,Love them.
2.Favorite app: VSCO.
3.Brand/designer I’d love to work with: Prada.
4.Must have item: Leather leggings.
5.Favorite place to take photos: In the city with a skyscraper backdrop.