Influencers on Social media- Fabulous Muses

Today’s Influencers are the magical duo Alina and Diana from the Blog Started as a PR the girls were noticed at a Paris fashion week for their eye catching style, and after finding themselfes all over the Internet they thought that blog would be the perfect idea to express their style and personality, and they were absolutely right!

How did it all started?
We started as a PR and Events Agency and then the blog came after a Paris Fashion Week experience. Our photos were all over the internet and in magazines and we thought that the blog can be a nice way to express the way we feel about clothes and fashion. After a year we decided to focus only on the blog, travel and do what we love the most-make magic.
Strolling through the blog it is hard not to be captivated by the pictures and editorials of the girls. High quality photos, Breath taking outfits and magical places make the editorials on the site ‘oh so beautiful’ and get your attention to make you come for more!
When did you started getting the attention, and how did you increased your followers?
As we told you after fashion week. At that time fashion weeks weren’t so crowded and we had a good chance to be seen and photographed. It was an amazing time and fashion weeks are still a good way to get noticed. Everything happened slowley and with small steps. We love what we do and I think that our followers are loving it too.
You are in every fashion site and magazine, What does it feel like to see yourself featured so offen?
It’s fabulous. Because it’s a recognition of our work and efforts. We are happy and proud of what we achieved.
Do you plan your outfits to match each other? (your style is to die for!)
Thank you so so much!! Very rarelly we really talk and match intentionally our outfits. But many times it’s just coincidence and we love it. Somehow we have different style but we love the same pieces and we wear them in different ways. And we own same bags and accesories … sometimes same shoes.
Take us throu a day in your life!
Omg. It’s complicated cause every day is different. We have meetings, shootings and recently we started a serie of movies about styling and how to wear cool pieces. Besides every Wednesday we have 10 minutes copsule on Tv (a very cool Tv show) … Basically we are sorrounded by clothes from morning till evening :))
How do you choose which brands to collab with?
We are super carefull not to associate our image with all sorts of brands. We are trying to choose only what we really love and appreciate . We never shoot brands that we don’t believe in.
Which accounts made you excited the most knowing they are following you?
We love all our followers and we are happy when people follow and get inspired cause this is the idea. To make a difference.

Quick Questions-
1) Favorite brand you worked with- Chanel, Tommy Hilfiger, Givenchy, PLNY
2) Your 3 must haves- Iphone :)) joking. High waisted jeans, white t-shirt, Fabtory earrings ( our new jewelry line)
3) favorite editing app- snapseed, facetune, vsco
4) Favorite account on instagram- @streetrends
5) Favorite trend right now- Kimonos