Michèle Krüsi, 25 years old started her blog far ago, in 2010, when the blogosphere was newly created and microscopic. “I started with in 2010 and quickly became popular. I never understood why, looking back I find those photos unprofessional, but maybe the same wall where I used to take my photos and same style made me recognizable at the time. I was asked to start a blog by many followers, so I opened my first blog that I quit few years later. In 2014, I made a come back, and ‘The Fashion Fraction” was born. This time with clear concept.
‘The Fashion Fraction” gained followers immediately, Because as Michèle explains she wasn’t new in the business, “I put lots of work into the concept and content of my blog and I work with a professional photographer”, The blog earned more followers due to Michele’s hard work and patience. “I believe in being authentic and stay true to yourself, don’t copy anyone and don’t try to fit in the crowd, your particularity is your key! Success never come over night and you need to put lots of time and effort”.
Hermes, Adidas, Diesel and Swarovski are few brands who chose Michèle for collaborations, but still, according to Michèle, it is stressful to keep up to date with the evolving social media, and the urge to stay in advance, “I would lie if I say I never feel pressure. This industry puts you under lots of  it, cause out there you have lots of other influencers that might have more followers, or might look ‘cooler’. The importance is not to compare yourself to others, but instead trying to focus on how to improve yourself”. As for the negativity on social media, Michèle says that she never receive negative comments, “luckily”, she adds.
For a social media influencer The real work happens behind the computer, editing, answering  mails, writing contents, planning editorials and scouting locations, In fact thats how a daily day in Michèle’s life looks like, but there is the fun part as well. “I might be at Cannes one day, and a model on set for some brand the other, my days are different, but the real work happens behind the screen, and also Instagram photos, which need more ‘work’ than it looks like :)”.
Quick Questions- 
Favorite non designer brand- hands down, ZARA.
Favorite editing apps- VSCO, Snapseed and Facetune.
Brands you would like to work with- Fendi and Chloè but not only.
Must have item in any closet- Slightly oversized Blazer.
Favorite place to take photos- my bed (I have the best light in my flat).